How do I sort out my relationship with my girlfriend?

Answer from: Maria:
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Figure it out yourself first. Set out the situation consistently. Because I re-read the text twice and did not understand anything. You're jumping from one to the other.
What's the big deal? That she's friends with some boy? И? I'm going to surprise you, but even if you get married, she'll still have contact with the male sex, unless you lock her in the basement and put her on a chain. Until you figure that out, you're just going to get worked up over nothing.

Answer from: MadnessGod's:
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If she took that step, it means that something must have happened. I think you should have understood why she did it first, if you wanted to get to the bottom of the situation. In any case the person seems to have made a choice not in your favor, and this is not a reason to get depressed, it means that there are better things ahead. I had a similar experience.

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