How do vaping and hookahs affect the atmosphere? Are there any studies on the subject?

Answer from: Lev B.:
Lev, Leo, Leolev...

Heard something about these studies, but they are still in progress, I only know one thing. 
Propylene glycol (PG) emits a substance, the name I will kill you, I do not remember. But it is a substance that even before the first electron flies in large quantities in our atmosphere, so there is no such thing.
In elektronikki pg and vg are in constant contact with the coil does not let it overheat, the temperature there is different, it depends on the device and how much you set the heating, what will be the coil, etc.д. etc.п., at this temperature, this organics does not decompose, besides there is water, which lowers the boiling point of glycerol and does not let it dehydrate with the formation of toxic acrolein. But, if you stick a red-hot soldering iron tip into pure glycerin, the acrolein will quite fly, the more you overheat, the more acrolein you get, but you are unlikely to get a bigger portion than in the kitchen when you fry chebureks.
Hookah, geez. 1 cigarette will give off more harm than a bong. I'm not a hookah person, so I'll explain in my own language. Ugalyok which is on the foil is a heating element, you inhale the warm fumes which are transmitted to tobacco with sweeteners or flavorings (I do not know what they add for flavor) and you breathe it in, the result, you exhale a delicious smoke. VUALA.

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