How many times you need to bend and unbend your index finger to lose weight by 20 kg?

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It's going to be difficult, but we'll figure it out...
To begin with, we want to see how many calories we need to lose in order to lose 20 kg: it is believed that in order to lose 1 kg of weight, we need to burn 7,700 kcal. Т.е. For us this figure needs to be multiplied by 20 - 154000 kcal.
The Japanese once did a study in which they calculated how much energy it takes to press a mouse button. I think that this figure is good enough for us, because.к. the same muscles are involved (10.8 cubic centimeters!). That number is **1.42 calories. **
Let's not confuse calories with kcal (kilocalories). 1 kcal = 1000 calories. Therefore, in order to expend 1.42 kcal, you have to squeeze your finger 1,000 times. Next, let's simply divide the total amount of kcalories we need to shed by the resulting number: 
     154.1,000 kcal : 1.42 = 108.450,704
And since we've already multiplied the action by 1000, we get a total of **that it would take a finger straining 108 million and a half times** to lose 20 pounds. 
P.S.: but that's assuming, of course, that you eat right and don't load yourself up with extra fats.

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