How Saltykov-Schedrin solves the problem of man and environment, man and circumstances?Confirm with facts from the biography of the writer.

Answer from: Elena A.:
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ANY good writer, as a rule, is a genius theorist of life description. But he is far from a genius in the practice of life, that's a whole other area of skill.
ALL writers and poets have shown their very great weakness, far from genius, in personal practice of vital activity, where it is necessary to make personally concrete optimal decisions on concrete questions and tasks of life.
This fact is very carefully glossed over and varnished for very many political and opportunistic reasons. Forbidden topic - taboo. But it is a topic that is very useful and instructive for a deep understanding and correction of the problem of the disconnect between the theory and practice of life. Very many concrete shock-examples.
The REASON is the creepiest slanted education and upbringing.
LETTER - drastically increased the quality of education and upbringing.

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