How to become an ambidextrous dominant with both hands?

Answer from: POLHOVICH D.:

Train the non-dominant hand you have now (left hand most likely). Try to wash dishes with it, or write with it, or do anything else with it. After a while you will notice that it becomes easier to do things with this hand than with the other. It depends on your physiology. Some people are ambidextrous, some are not.
For some reason I learned to use both hands equally as well. I was just curious to see if that was possible in my case. I just wrote twice a week in a boring lecture all I could think of, 6 sentences at most. And yes, after 2 months I noticed that some functions have taken over the left hand. Now, depending on the situation, I hold a spoon with my left hand, or a comb, and sometimes write with my left hand as well. It's not much use - I'll tell you right away)

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