How to choose a sword in the game "The Witcher 3?

Answer from: Stas Tambiå:
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In order not to make a mistake, you need to choose the most pumped. Sword of Addan Dite and Blood Sword are legendary swords, they are among the strongest. But you have to find them during the game. But in general, each player chooses a sword for himself. In the process of passing it becomes clear which sword suits a player.

Answer from: Gleb Simonov:
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Depends on the difficulty level at which you play, if it is medium or low, there is no big difference, otherwise it depends on your build, Iris sword fits if you play through the red branch, if you went through a duelant, you can choose a silver viper sword, as well as the final sword fits, which is given before the quest to flee from the guards wild hunting.

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