How to cook pasta salad

Answer from: Eugene Z.:
Aequĭtas sequĭtur legem...

Salads with pasta are good because they can be made quickly, they are tasty and filling. The pasta for the salads needs to be made of durum wheat.
Try, for example, this simple Italian recipe.
You need 400 grams of pasta (the best variant "feathers" or "spirals"), 2 bell peppers, 300g ham (parma is good, but you can have any type you like), tomatoes (2 if it's large, 12 if it's cherry), 200g of parmesan cheese or similar, sauce "caesar sauce" (You can also use mayonnaise).
Boil the pasta. While it is boiling, chop peppers, tomatoes (just cut the cherry tomatoes in half), ham, grate the cheese. Toss boiled pasta in a colander, and let it drain. Mix everything, season with the sauce. Greens can be added as desired.

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