How to eat and dry basil for winter?

Answer from: Max Ilyin:
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Basil is a spicy herb, it can be added to salads, soups, steeped in vinegar for kebabs, you can put it almost anywhere if you like the taste and smell.
Dry it like any other herbs, in the shade and with a free flow of air. You can put a thin layer or make small bundles and hang.

Answer from: Mark Istomin:
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Basil is added to soups, second courses, salads, appetizers. It goes with fish, meat, and poultry. Basil is added to a ready dish so that it preserves more vitamins and does not lose aroma. Drying basil is done by hanging the bushes in a ventilated place, but not in the sun. You can put the leaves one by one on the gauze, but it is important to avoid sunlight, they lose aroma from basil.

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