How to effectively learn new skills without forgetting them?

Answer from: Alexander Kuzmich:
Microbiologist. I understand questions of biology, human physiology, medicine...

Learn only the skills you are sincerely interested in. If you can not, be interested in the object of study. Sincerely. That way the process will go better and more memorable:)

Answer from: Elena L.:
More than anything, I love to talk. Perhaps somewhere in the world there are themes...

The skills that are not used are forgotten. So a skill that you definitely will not use, you can not develop.
The whole issue is that we don't know what skills and knowledge we will need. We do not know how life will turn out. So I join the advice given above. Develop the skills you are interested in, if something is not interesting, but you need it now, make yourself interested in it. Think of mastering it as developing a skill quickly.

Answer from: Sofya S.:
MA in history and social studies...

Skills for the sake of skills, productivity for the sake of productivity.
Complicating. What's behind this imitation of frenetic activity? What do you really need to do right now that you are trying to ignore?

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