How to finally overcome my fear - I do not trust people, I feel a catch?

Answer from: Maria:
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Very many people and you should not trust. Even without realizing it people can hurt you. Choose 5 or 6 people at most with whom you will be open and honest to the end, and the rest lie, do not answer, ignore when you think they are trying to learn more than they should know about you or someone you know. It is better never to say anything about others.Let's face it "I have a friend" It's better never to say anything about other people, you're trying to make them talk or put them in a mood, maybe just to start a conversation, if there is no reciprocity, what difference does it make whether they believe you or not? They just don't. I myself do not in fact hide anything and say openly about myself to certain people, but I already feel a little sorry that I do it, because people are much less interested in me than in the heroes of my stories, because they have never seen them most likely and do not know, and the constant parting, saying who are they only bring pain to my head, so first think: maybe it's right that you do not trust these people? Maybe in your life there are too few people who you can really trust without harming yourself.

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