How to get the data out of the phone samsung a 3, 2016., if the screen is broken, but the phone works?

Answer from: Kristina Kudryashova:
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What kind of data? Although I also have this year's phone, but the line is different. But I do not think the architecture is very different. Data is not the same as data. You can of course the easiest way using a flash drive, but phones do not all support OTG. Check it out with the app. You can find it on Google Play. Just type in a search. And then go to the settings to check if you are allowed to usb and buy the adapter. Just be aware that it is not just an adapter. They come in all kinds of shapes. If it's the wrong one, your phone won't see it. I haven't quite figured it out yet myself. I read that somehow one makes the phone for receiving and the other for transmitting. The pin pins are differently positioned. I prefer to use my computer for transmitting. Or ftp or wired. But there's some pitfalls, too. Whether the computer will see it. For wireless again, there's a program on Google. I use a file manager with this function. It gives a code when activated and you enter it in the browser on your computer and that's all there is a connection and you can move.

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