How to get the right feedback after the first or third date in case your partner doesn't like you? What is the best way to ask?

Answer from: Galina N.:
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As a rule, if a partner does not like you, then the first or third date becomes the last one, the partner just merges or comes up with a thousand reasons not to date. And you don't have to ask.
If the partner is a girl who does not like you, but she uses you for recreation, the best way is to take her and kiss her. Or rather, to try, for in the case of antipathy she will not give it to do.

Answer from: Natalia Kozmidiadi:

I usually ask you this way - "Hi! I understand that we did not get along. I'm sorry(Since we will no longer communicate, can you tell me your impression of me and what was wrong?" After such a politely posed question, 95% of the girls give a sincere feedback.
Note two interesting points here:
1) If you didn't understand something and the girl didn't want to break up with you, you'll know about it! Moreover, from the answer you will be able to understand if she wants to keep you just as a "girlfriend" or for something serious.
2) The girl may not answer, if she is afraid that the answer will offend you (for example, if your financial situation is not appropriate, or you have physical appearance defects). Then you won't find out about it.

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