How to make friends in school?

Answer from: Kalinin Andrei:
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These are the tips I would give:

- Communicate more with different people. If the conversation is interesting and you have something to say, join in, you will learn a lot and you will certainly attract attention.

- Try to be open and friendly, have a sense of humor. When a person is confident, especially in school, they have a much easier time making friends.

- Participate in a variety of after school activities. If your school has extra curricular activities like gymnastics or volleyball and you are interested in them, try and sign up there. Friends are guaranteed to make friends.

- Study your classmates' social networking pages to see what they're interested in. If they have the same interests, just talk to them. This could be the beginning of a long and lasting friendship.

Remember that interesting people with whom you have something to talk about are always more likely to make friends. So develop your horizons and interests.

Answer from: Ivan Gubanov:
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Talk and look for topics that are close to you interesting people, you should not be friends through force, nothing good it will not give any of you, if it is difficult to begin to communicate at once, you can try to communicate in social networks, say, asking something about the study first, it is great if you will be joint activities, it brings like nothing else

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