How to overcome such a vast distance of 40 light years, maybe already developing a machine that can move at the speed of light?

Answer from: Alexander Rammer:
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this distance is enormous only in terms of the human being, his short life and fragility. It follows that to travel such distances it is necessary to change the biological basis of consciousness, to create compact self-reproducing robust beings. 
It is unlikely that someone is already investing serious money in the creation of devices capable of such travel, let's wait for about 40 years.

Answer from: Albina A.:
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An engine that travels at the speed of light will not make it any better (because the.к. Earth will wait for you for 80 years), even if a material body could accelerate to that speed. The solution could be a warp drive, the movement of which is ensured not by burning fuel, but by the action of space and time itself.

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