How to react when you are yelled at?

Answer from: Maria Stepanova:
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Yelling is a way to scare or attract attention.
If you are yelled at, in most cases, it is an attempt to frighten you. It's also the screamer's reaction to his own fear.
You've heard of three reactions: "Hit", "Run", "Freeze"? The scream is.. "Beat".
Often when a person feels powerless, he begins to feel fear. This fear needs to be expressed and screaming is one of the expressions.
I, in response to yelling, usually pause, then calmly ask:
"Why are you shouting?"
My calmness shows that I'm not afraid, "Shouting has no effect on me and I have to negotiate".
More often than not, the screamer himself does not understand the reason for his screaming, and when he thinks about it, the screaming may stop.
The main thing is not to give in to provocation and not to snap back.

Answer from: Leo S.:
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The question is succinct, so the answer will be succinct:)

People switch to yelling and going into an aggressive stance because:
- Can't cope with their emotions
- In a conflict they choose a tough competitive strategy
The theory you've already written here, and I'll write the practice.
If you get yelled at, and you're looking for a way to get them to tone it down, do the following: start talking quietly.
The person will be forced to listen to your answers and will have to "turn down the volume":)

And more: harmonious and happy people do not shout:) Pity the man who screams - it's hard for him. And enjoy life from now on. :)

Answer from: Julian Avramov:
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Follow your inner impulse, if you're tempted to laugh! You will disarm your opponent!!! Have you ever noticed that it makes you laugh? Don't think of it as foolishness - it's an internal defence!!

Answer from: Waldemar Liberzon:

To keep silent, then the person will cool down and apologize. It's a classic, because anger is too strong emotion, leave your opponent alone with it, then he will understand the senselessness of his actions.

Answer from: Dmitry Milovanov:
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Depending on the situation and the role of the interlocutors (sometimes soralists)), there are different reasons for the scream and different ways to deal with it.
If we're talking about equal partners, the reason for the yelling is irritation at the lack of response from your partner. It is better to say that you will listen to the arguments when the partner calms down. The truth is, then you really have to listen, otherwise the partnership is in jeopardy.
If one is the leader, as a rule, he sees the effect of pressure on the slave and begins to take advantage of it. If the second one is dependent on the first one, it is very difficult to resist this. If there is an attempt to break the relationship at this level, it is better to yell back and make it even louder. Can provoke a restart of the relationship.
If a person who is dependent on you yells, it's a reaction of fear. It's easy to get out of a conflict by lowering the tone of the conversation.
If your boss yells at you, you're either a moron or he's a fool. You need to walk away.
Sometimes people don't realize that by exceeding a certain volume level they become inaudible. And a little more and they won't be able to hear anything. Screaming is not a way to convey information, it's an emotion. If used for the first, you need to convey the idea that it is useless. If it's used for the second, you have to get in the game.

Answer from: Sergey Ivanov:
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Screaming is a way of expressing active aggression. And aggression always causes aggression, so usually people get offended, start shouting back, just get angry, go out for a smoke and all that sort of thing - these are also forms of aggression.
If we're talking about the most sensible and effective way to behave in this situation, the best thing that works is "is to break the pattern". It's about reacting calmly. For example, responding in a balanced tone of voice: "You're very angry right now, and you want to get some important information across to me. I respect what you are going through, but as long as you are talking to me in a raised tone, I don't see the point in continuing this dialogue. Either we figure this out peacefully, or we'll talk when you come to your senses".
To choose the right words, a man at this moment must be in harmony with himself, psychologically wholesome.
If your opponent doesn't understand the explanation and keeps doing things his way, the effective solution is to interrupt the situation: walk away. This is not to "quit", this is about "stay in respect to yourself" и "Let the person reflect on what's going on alone". The main thing when his emotions subside is to go back again and try to talk calmly so that he has his mind set on it: "When I talk to him peacefully - we solve the situation. When I yell, he walks away and the situation is not resolved". It's a kind of gentle, careful parenting.

Answer from: Jana Br.:

Treat the person yelling at you like a doctor treats a patient. Try to assess his mental or other diagnosis. Advise him how to stop and stop screaming from a doctor's point of view.))))

Answer from: Vyacheslav Yuryevich Trotsak:
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As long as a man is yelling at you, he is at your mercy. You will be able to turn the conversation to your advantage, since the shouting person is no longer in control of the situation.
It is best to pause after your opponent shouts, then say calmly that you are nearby and can hear perfectly well what he is saying. Ask him to continue in a calm tone or you will leave.

Answer from: Alexey B.:
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Just don't respond to their reaction, it's better to remain silent.and you'll still get it, no matter how hard you try to be soft and malleable, a screamer will turn you into a rag and a punching bag, it's better to leave such a person.

Answer from: Ilya Vishnevsky:
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Suspend and let the screamer yell, control yourself and don't let your anger rise. If you do react to the screamer, walk away, don't let yourself get dragged into this emotional irritation. But sometimes your calmness can cause another reaction of the screamer, he can already affect you physically t.к. he has not received a reaction from you and he needs to show his power and strength...

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