How to run the game Next Day Survival from the archive?

Answer from: Rusya:

First - what kind of archive?
**1**. **If it' apk file** downloaded from the playlist or backed up using the system "native" backuper - in principle, it is enough to click on this apk to install it.
1.2 If this app was made by **system backuper ("backup"**) then use the system backuper to install it, but - there is one "BUTT" - all this will only work if it all happens on the same device. (backing up applications with data from other devices will most likely not work!).
**How I do it?!?**
**Use free google player app (or you can download it from official site of apkinstaller) APK Installer**! How it works -
**A) **Insert the app **APK Installer** (about 3 MB in size) to your device.
B) **Play the APK Installer** and you will see a menu with choices. We are interested in **installing (Install APKs**, - batch app installer). Specify the path to the file storage location.apk and in the list you select the checkboxes you want to install. You click install and rejoice.
**B) Archive and back up **your installed apps - via Menu** "Manage APKs"** - there you can also use checkboxes to select all or only those you want to "backup". After making your selection you click on "Backup", - after the program finishes, you will get a whole suite of your.APK files with your applications. You can install them on any android device!
How to install them - see point 1.
**(Note that no application data is saved with this method, there will be no saved games in the.apk! use "native" system beeper on the device - to save data and saved progress.)**

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