How to stop hair getting too greasy?

Answer from: Inga R.:
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Greasy hair is not due to diet, stick to a healthy diet, eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, whole-grain cereals, pasta, fish, poultry, meat, dairy products.

Answer from: Mother-and-Matrix:
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Nutrition plays an important role not only for hair health, but also for all systems. Your hair reacts instantly to all the changes in your body. It is important to cut out all fast foods, candies, cakes, carbonated soft drinks, and alcohol. It is also better to avoid eating foods that are too spicy or salty. If you can not exclude them at all, then try to reduce the consumption of these products.Oatmeal (especially buckwheat and oatmeal), sour milk products, black bread, carrots, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and sea fish can help with oily hair.

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