How to stop scrolling in your head the events of the past, relive memories?

Answer from: Albina V.:
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Get busy with something else, namely, your present.
The past cannot be brought back... So live in the present and think about a beautiful future.
Find some hobbies to take your mind off of dwelling on the past.

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Scroll through and go through them to the end. If it does not let go, once climbs into the thoughts - it means he wants to say something. Usually such events hide unnoticed intrigues, some traps, into which you have fallen, and did not even realize it, or vice versa - unnoticed prizes, and treasures, which you managed to pass by. Silent voices often lurk in past events, prompting and guiding you - and now memory is unconsciously drawn to them.
But you can go on and on and on without end, to no avail. You need analysis and conclusions for it to work. A very good way I know is to write it down. The very act of writing, working on the clarity of the phrase brings order to memories, and in general to the chaotic inner life. And paper also has the property... it takes away. More often than not, what you have given to paper is no longer yours. As the saying goes, a word is not a sparrow, it flies out - you can't catch it. Just right when you need to get rid of something inside.

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