How to structure a conversation to be convincing and successful if she's gone and doesn't even want to talk? What's the best thing to focus on?

Answer from: Michael Livschitz:
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If she's gone and won't even talk to you, you can write her a letter. Concentrate on your own experiences and feelings about the situation. Explain your position clearly, for example "I am not writing to you to quarrel, but to share:clarify:tell....."

Answer from: Eugene Z.:

If the person does not want to talk at all and blocks any attempts, the answer is obvious - you can not. You do not have to knock on a closed door for a long time. If you manage to call the person to talk to him it is worth to ask him why he does not want to talk to you. It is worth listening carefully, without interrupting and making excuses. If the person has a grudge against you, you should apologize once, and tell her that you did not want to cause her any unpleasant feelings. You need to understand what hurt the person (if this is the reason) and not to do it again. Concentrate during the conversation on the other person, on trying to understand him or her better and to listen, not on excuses, not on yourself.

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