How to study new and modern, if a person is a retrograde instead of an innovator at heart?

Answer from: Galina Toktalieva:
A philosophical-psychological publicist, as well as a photographer and designer...

Why do it? You will cease to be you. Because you're deep down in your soul... Your words. If your soul is calm and comfortable in its depths, why should it be disturbed by an unnatural existence?

Your innovativeness (i.e. your character) is decided by the stars. And to some extent karma, too.

But it's not all bad. A strong-willed man has the power to affect his destiny with his will. You have to start with your character. Try to get rid of at least the smallest negative.
It is difficult, but possible.

If you are good at something small, you will be good at something big. Motivation is very important here. The less selfish, the more real.

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