How to take your time in all aspects of life?

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And you always ask yourself two questions - why? и " And then what?"
helps a lot.
Let's say you're dating a girl and you realize that I don't know, six months to a year has passed and you should get married.
Before that you have to ask the question - why?
if you have a specific plan, where you need a married couple - then everything is clear.
and if you don't, then you don't need it.  if you understand that " what's next?" - Nothing, it's all the same.
And if everything is the same - then why the extra effort and investment?
Or people are going to get a car on credit, for example.
It's the same thing. You take it and ask yourself why I need it? Then you compare your impressions with those who have a car.
then you rent a car and use it for a month.
and if you have not lost the desire, and you have counted all the costs and everything is satisfactory - then you are welcome.
And if it turns out that it takes you longer to get to work, and once a year it's easier to take a rented car to a barbecue, then you don't need a car.

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