How to treat hair dye allergies? Redness on the neck is very itchy. Maybe pills or shots?

Answer from: Lukeria K.:

You can of course apply ointments with antihistamine effect (Acriderm is very good by the way) or take loratadine or cetirizine one tablet a day. But the tablets are certainly better not to get carried away. I was allergic to hair dye and I was allergic to it until I got my hair back. Of course the body gets used to a little bit and the dye is washed out of the hair structure, but still to get rid of the discomfort it is necessary to grow hair. That is why you need to do an allergy test before dyeing. In general, maybe you are not allergic to the dye at all, it was just a coincidence? In general, it is best to try acriderm! Before using be sure to read the instructions for side effects and contraindications! And even better see a dermatologist!

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