How to wean yourself from complaining and whining?

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** Very simply, you have to be more demanding of yourself and not of the rest of the world **.**It's not why things are wrong, but what you've done to change the situation **It happens a lot when you meet a person and he goes on and on about how great he is. It often happens when you meet a man, he tells you a long time and a lot of how he is good, and how everything bothers him, and you look at him and think - if you are so good, why is it so bad up to now? Jupiter in the house of Aquarius does not enter or what?

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Allocate a separate comfortable time and place for whining.
The more conscious and structured the process will be, the less it will appear when it is not needed, during work, leisure, communication... Because it's not healthy to just take away something you need. Trying to suppress it and you make it uncontrollable and uncontrollable.
Maybe for now "complaining and whining" is your only way of communicating your feelings, your sensations. If that's the case, you have to learn to find other ways, because you can't do it without. So not being able to "to hear" your feelings there will be very little vitality, little interest in life.  
Ideally do it with a professional, at the same time complaining and discussing the reason for procrastination at this point in life.

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The main (what is it, the only) way is built on mindfulness and self-control. Attention and control of what - these are several points, below I will try to outline with the appropriate techniques:
1. Why do you need it - to get rid of such useful habits? Write a list of all the problems that you personally (not those around you, although it is also possible) create with your whining, and try to let it be seen more often.
2. It is also worth studying in what context (what situations and when) the desire to whine and spew complaints turns on. Or, at least, in which ones it is stronger and in which ones it is weaker. Try to keep them in mind, too, at least for the sake of readiness to interfere in your own habitual stereotype.
3. Find something better. The behavior you are going to do in place of the previous one must be at least as beneficial for you and not have the same disadvantages as the previous one.
From there, it's a matter of practice, so keep track of yourself, remind yourself what you want to change and why, and change it systematically. That's how it's going to happen "weaning", or rather - a new learning.

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