How YouTube Changed Your Life? What have you learned from this video hosting?

Answer from: Ivan Vorobyov:
I have a natural science education, in my youth I was addicted to literature...

It was nothing.
Let's start with the fact that in spite of a long life on the Internet, I am not interested in video hostings in general.
I hardly ever go there.
Exception - I visit certain channels occasionally to find some specific videos.
and that's it.
For me to be affected by YouTube or something like that, I need to be there at least ))))

Answer from: Mikhail Pozdnyakov:
Economist, musician, I love history, I'm in the business of making...

It may not have changed my life, but with its help I learned to cook, play the guitar, build a Rubik's cube and draw. By the way photoshop and editing, too, where I learned. 
And my friend learned English on YouTube, will spend a little over 7 months. 
In studies, by the way, it helps a lot, I do not learn well in exams: scores simply by reading the tickets, but if there are lectures on YouTube, it makes my life a lot easier.
By the way, if I'm afraid to go through any game, or just do not want to, I watch it as a series.
In short, if youtube has changed my life, it's for the better. 
♪ You can start giving me minuses ♪🤷🏻♂️

Answer from: Catherine T.:
I am fascinated by raising a child, auto rides, and much, much more than that...

But for me, in contrast to the other respondents, YouTube has had a tremendous impact, just as a person. If you look hard enough, you can find bloggers on the site saying really important things. One of these channels literally changed my life. A few strangers have taught me more in two years than people around me have in a lifetime.

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