I don't know what to do about it anymore? I got dumped by my boyfriend and I'm in a lot of pain...

Answer from: Alexandra:
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"I broke up with my boyfriend, what should I do?"
"Muti with me and it will all go away"

There's a simple way to deal with the pain of losing a loved one: forget. Only this will really help, because this way you unload from the active memory of the person and will not get bogged down about what happened. Take care of yourself.

Answer from: Maria Ibragimova:
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It feels like the moderator edited your question. Because I got the other thing in the notification that you have no one to talk to, something like this.
I've got a link on my status. Write it down, we'll figure it out. If there's no telegram, that's worse. I don't use vibes, tsap tsaps, etc. Then you can either talk in the comments here or somehow get out of it

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