I don't like my girlfriend's new job, even though she dreamed of this place. How should I be (see "How should I be")?. comment next)?

Answer from: Pavel Pavlov:
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The problem is that we now meet at a distance, that is, we see each other every two months for a week or two. And I thought that in a few months we would start living together, but work has canceled those plans and it's unclear when we can move in together

Answer from: Max Ilyin:
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And for this person is called to talk and actually put all these questions in front of him.
Т.е. whether he is ready to move in, whether he wants to now, whether he is ready to give up his job, and if not, whether it's possible to combine work and relocation.
And the timing.. A specific time frame, at least in general terms.
In a month, in three, in six months.
And then you have to answer your own questions - what will happen if you are not ready, how long are you willing to wait and whether you will be ready at all?.
Once you are all your questions to each other all together, the way out will appear by itself.
Either you agree or do not agree and then say goodbye.
Everything is simple

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