I don't want kids, and I've decided that since I was seven or eight years old. What's the likelihood that I'll ever want them? and at what age?

Answer from: Ilya Levin:
programmer, entrepreneur...

It all depends on you. If you are strongly influenced by public opinion, then your desire will depend on your environment. If you are used to thinking rationally, weighing everything "for" и "against", I guess the decision will be based on your financial status, pedagogical and educational level, and a simple need for a child (desire, if you want).
The desire may come after you find the right partner who "" you with the idea. You will communicate with a child who will inspire you to raise your own. You'll see an example of good parents that you'll want to be like. There are plenty of options.
And it can also happen that in your life goals a child simply will not fit and will not want to. So you can live your whole life without children. And you can be happy, contrary to public opinion.
The worst thing is if the child is unwanted. Such children will be a burden and their upbringing will be a burden. That's a fate you wouldn't wish on either the child's parents or the child.
So decide for yourself and listen to less people around you, it's your life and your decisions. The most important thing is that you find your own way. Good luck!

Answer from: Alexander Markov:
historian of ideas, literary theorist...

Inokenty, you still have to specify what gender you are. Because the combination of your name and self-identification in the verb endings suggests thoughts about sex change, which leads to the inability to have children.

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