I go into the game and the computer restarts. What can it be?

Answer from: Alyona V.:
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This can be due to a lack of voltage. If the power supply is weak, or was bought with too little power to the components, then over time, the components begin to degrade and the power supply stops delivering the right amount of voltage. In daily operation this voltage may be enough, but at high load, such as in a game, components start to consume much more voltage, respectively, this leads to a reboot or shutdown.

It is also worth checking the temperature of the processor and graphics card under load. If the cooling system can not cope and components begin to heat, this too can lead to these consequences. In this case it is necessary to clean the cooling system.

The least likely to be all kinds of software errors and problems with RAM. RAM can be checked using Memtest program after booting from the bootable flash drive or disc. Software bugs and crashes can be caused by bugs in the game or operating system, viruses, etc.

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