I have a Lenovo G710 intel i7 laptop, it has 2GB. Graphics card Nvidia Ge Force GT720M. What can I replace the later one with?

Answer from: Svetlana Artemyeva:
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Roughly speaking, not a single one.
The vast majority of laptops have a video card soldered onto the motherboard. Often the video chip can be replaced with a similar one, these chips do not vary much in terms of performance. In addition to that "video card" is not only a video chip and video memory, but also the power system, its power is designed to provide the installed chip. A more powerful chip simply does not have enough power. It is also worth remembering that the replacement of the BGA chip (in this case the video chip) is not cheap, you may need to upgrade the BIOS with subsequent flashing and a number of other points.
Bottom line: the possible performance gain is insignificant, the procedure is expensive, there is always a chance to break the motherboard.

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