I have been corresponding with a boy from the Internet for six months. He constantly calls me to go somewhere, but it is strange for me to go because he is a stranger...He understandably takes offense. What to do?

Answer from: Andrey Smirnov:
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Make a date in a public place, tell a close friend where and with whom you are going, and text her periodically. Take your passport, stun gun, and condoms, just in case. And go already! You can't keep dragging it out?

Answer from: Elsa M.:
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> It's strange to go, he's a stranger...
It's even stranger to call a person you've been corresponding with for six months.
You can do nothing, and the problem will disappear along with this guy. Or you can go and meet him like all the other people. There is nothing wrong with that, make an appointment in a public place and go ahead.

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