I have no journalism degree, but I want to write articles and have lots of ideas. Is this right?

Answer from: Dmitry Saveliev:
Editor. Journalist. Musician. Musician. Fan....

Good evening. And you try. If it works, you just keep doing what you're doing and that's it. If it doesn't work out, you'll have to think about it and retrain, so to speak.
Nowadays a lot of people are writing and trying to find themselves. How are you worse than others?! Many services where you can post your articles and see the reaction to them.
But my advice to you is this. Before you write an article or maybe even a book, first do some research on the Internet and read articles about how to write articles or even books.
I had a little experience in writing articles. I am not a journalist, but a lawyer. I have a law degree. But from time to time I get the urge to write articles about this or that. And I write. If positive reviews, there are of course also negative, as there are quite critical)))) and not only articles but also people who publish them.
I scrolled a little Internet, got acquainted with the articles of good journalists, bloggers who explained how and what to write about.
And tried my own.
so try it. No one forbids you. And if you don't try, you won't know.

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