I intend to go into business in the future. Which education makes more sense to get - economist or financier?

Answer from: Daria Starkova:
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I'll give myself the dislikes, but I'll tell you the truth.
You don't need both to be in business.
Neither is a science.
Science can be math, physics, chemistry, medicine.
That which is not influenced by politics, ideology, motivation, and rules set by people.
So economics, and finance even more so, by definition, cannot be a pure science.
I'll teach you economics right now.
1. Business efficiency can only be achieved in two ways - by increasing profitability and decreasing costs. Use both.
2. Economics is about the here and now.
There's a term in economics called the Cobra Effect.
Under English rule, there was a big death toll from snakebite in India.
The British began to pay for the snakes they caught. The Indians were quick to figure it out and started growing snakes. When the British found this out, they cancelled the toll and the Indians released the snakes. The death rate skyrocketed. That's the economics of the here and now. The remaining term is the Cobra Effect.
3. The whole civilized world lives by A. Smith - "It is not on the benevolence of the butcher, brewer, or baker that we expect to get our lunch, but on their observance of their own interests."
That's pretty much all you need to know about economics.
Finance is even simpler. You have to understand that money doesn't belong to anyone. It's only temporarily in the possession of everyone. And where to invest it or where to take it is always individual and requires detailed elaboration from the legal point of view on the basis of existing laws.
Besides, you can always hire an economist and a financier.
It is necessary to study what will affect the business in any case - it is only sales.
The purpose of any business is to sell. Learn how to sell - all the rest is trivial.
The Americans say:
The one who invented it - $10,
The one who set up production - $100,
The one who managed to sell it - $1000.

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