I live in a sectional apartment (owner), moved in no one knows who and how. What to do?

Answer from: Belyashova Olga Alexandrovna:
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1. Contact the guardianship authorities with the question of how an orphan in 6 months could carry out the alienation of housing, if by law he could do it only in 5 years. If there are violations, the transaction will be reversed and the share will be returned to the state.
2. The new owner of the share is not right about the tenants.к. She cannot move anyone into a shared apartment without the consent of the other share owners.
3. Go to court with a claim to evict tenants, before that go to the police so that then the police can read the inspection file and find out the tenants' data (in their explanations) on the grounds that you did not give your consent.
Better hire a lawyer.

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