I recently met a nice and kind guy, we communicated every day, now we stopped communicating, but I want to resume it. How?

Answer from: Yaroslav N.:
When breathing, humans saturate their bodies with oxygen. Water is a fluid that is essential...

Easily. Women have fought for equal rights for so long, it's time to take advantage of them. To call a guy and make a date. Or go to the movies, depending on the type of communication. In this case, it's important not to retreat from the principles of equality, since it began with this. Do not wait to be paid in a cafe, but pay for yourself. Then the resumption of the relationship will not look like a desire to eat at someone else's expense.
It is important to avoid talking about love at the beginning of acquaintances. If chitchat about love has arisen, it is better to interrupt the date. Explain that love is an integral term and you should first clarify all the parameters and components of this complex term. Maybe you understand it differently.

Remember the saying "He who dines the girl, dances the girl":
- don't dance with others;
- don't have dinner at someone else's expense and then refuse to dance;
- Come up with something other than dinner if you don't want to dance at all.

Answer from: Irina V:

You seem to be very young. Because you've made such a mess that I don't understand anything. He declared his love, you like him too, so why bother with him in the neighborhood "of friendly action"? No, I'm not saying that he should spread his legs, of course it's too early, but at least let him hold his hand - why not?. Maybe they would have kissed already, although that's okay, some people need more time for that. But instead you told him to stop talking. Well, that's great. What's he supposed to do? Humiliate him, beg him, change his mind? He's probably not that kind of guy, so I have no idea what you were hoping for. Why offer to break up if you care about him? And if you've already sent him away, then let him go. It can't be both, stay and go at the same time. I think that's why he left: he was fed up with all those emotional swings. One scolding, then peace, then go away, then come back. He, like most people, most likely expects stability and certainty in a relationship, not this. Younger is not younger, some people do, especially at your age, although in fact it makes no difference at all. I would bet it's just an excuse. Although I do not know him, maybe he honestly thinks so.
The only thing that can save your relationship is if you settle down flat on your heels and decide once and for all what you want from him. Either be friends, or love, or send. Make a decision - you can try to talk to him. But it's not certain that he will share your decision. If I were him, I'd think ten times

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