I sometimes feel like my mom avoids communicating with me. Could it be me and how to fix it?

Answer from: Elena Sh.:
Philologist, Candidate of Philological Sciences. I love languages and texts and cooking...

Maybe your mom just thinks that you are an adult? That you have no problems with your studies, relationships with friends, etc.п? But your brother, he may not be a good student or even younger? Maybe she's more afraid for him because he's a boy?
I don't think it's about you. Mom loves you, she may be tired sometimes.
A story from life. Two sisters. One once asked her mother head-on why she "less in love with her", than the other one? Her mother bluntly replied, " You're doing fine. It's fine now and it's fine for the future, too. Your sister has nothing, and I feel sorry for her"

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