I've been boxing for six months, I stand confidently on the apparatus, but fear holds me back in sparring. I close my eyes and turn away when I hit, what to do?

Answer from: Roman Ivanov:
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Don't get upset, it happens. You'll learn gradually. And if you don't learn, it's not a problem either, you can't do anything, some people close their eyes and that's it. Fear overcomes almost everything and with the cover of the eyes do not cope quite a lot. As a last resort, pass into judo, maybe there will come out more luck, and as self-defense from street hooligans, it is even more effective will be. But even if none of the sports will work you do not upset especially, because the status of men is determined by his actions in life, not the ability to fight on the streets.

Answer from: Dmitry Danilov:
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To overcome fear, you have to slowly go to him (the fear) to meet.
If you get a few weak blows (ask your opponent in the training to hit at the third power) and find that it does not hurt that much you'll be ready to take even harder blows (at half strength, etc.д.).
Maybe you do not have enough adrenaline (increases the pain threshold and aggression) in training - you can try to increase the intensity and duration of the workout, so it will be released a lot more. Or excite yourself (with your own thoughts, heavy music).

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