I want to buy a semi-professional camera. Which one to buy? Budget is small.

Answer from: D&Misar:
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Well, if it's not more than 30 thousand, it's a Canon DSLR 4000D for 21 (2000D for 26), so you can choose something. Well, or already choose used, but it is already at your discretion.

Answer from: Artyom Artyomovich:

Personally, I do not see the point in buying "half"professional equipment. The only advantage of such machines - they look nice. But... You will not make a decent picture with such equipment, unless of course you're not a professional with a gift to make a candy from the crap. Again, a small budget - a stretch. Get yourself some machine in the range of 5 - 10 thousand and shoot it to your heart's content. Well, or strain yourself and take a really worthwhile thing to try your hand at photography for real.

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