I was looking for a photo of the man. Yandex showed that it occurs on the site VKontakte24, but on someone else's account. How is it possible?

Answer from: Anastasia Reznik:
The One Who Does Nails....

If you haven't encountered something like this yet, I'll explain:

There are people who intentionally create **"fake" accounts**, for which they take photos of other people, preferring open, ongoing accounts (so that there is fresh material), as well as profiles of people from other cities, and sometimes even countries.

People do this solely for selfish purposes, for example:
- Extortion;
- blackmail;
- Communicating from this account for personal purposes;
- Creating a base of subscribers for publishers.
But these, of course, are not all acceptable options, because the imagination of man is boundless.

And about the fact that it is closed, it's quite logical, because they do not want them to write the real owner of the photos (due to the fact that the administration of social networks.networks has the right to block fake accounts if given proof).

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