If a woman has cheated on her three ex-husbands, can we expect her to be faithful?

Answer from: Maria:
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I would say that the chances are slim. Obviously, the woman "is weak on the edge", as they say, and doesn't take her partner's opinion into account. The only chance for a happy ending is if she is tired of looking for lovers and wants a quiet haven.

Answer from: Elena B.:
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First you need to understand what exactly would be the criterion for cheating for you. As it is not strange, but frequently infidelity includes not only obvious, but also for example acceptance of a position of other man in dispute. So first figure out your boundaries.
Next you need to understand why there were previous adulteries (just understand not a false motive, but a real one, which usually does not lie on the surface) and then you may understand the answer to your question.
Knowing your boundaries, the reasons for boundary violations in a previous relationship, you can guess whether you can give her what she needs and in such an amount that she would not have a desire to get "more" on the side.
p.s. Sometimes the real reasons for cheating can be surprising.

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