If we follow the Big Bang Theory and the Big Constriction Theory, does it mean that after the next cycle, all planets will be identical to the past ones every time?

Answer from: Evdokim B.:
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According to modern concepts, the universe is expanding with acceleration, which means that at the end there will be no "Great Contraction", but there will be "the thermal death of the Universe" or something like that - all matter will eventually be swallowed up by black holes, which will then evaporate.
Besides, we don't know what happened before the Big Bang, so even if there were such cycles, at this stage of the development of science we cannot guarantee that with a new turn of the cycle everything will start from the same state.
Also, we should not forget that many processes in physics are truly random and therefore there is already no guarantee that under the same initial conditions the processes in the universe will run the same way.

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