In what countries other than Italy is Italian spoken?

Answer from: Valeria Elagina:
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Officially in Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican. Slightly less officially, as a regional language, exists in Slovenia and Croatia. Completely unofficially some still remember Italian in former Italian colonies in Africa, mainly Libya, Eritrea and Somalia. But in general the Italian language is so Italian that even within Italy people from different areas may not understand each other.
And some statistics from anglovica.
Country Number of speakers
 Italy 57,700,000
 Romania 1,502,950
 France 829,000
  Switzerland 666,000
 Croatia 618,600
 Australia 300,000
 Brazil 50,000
 San Marino 25,000
 Monaco 5,600
 Somalia 4,000
 Slovenia 3,760
  Vatican City 330

Answer from: Inertiatic ESP:

In Argentina, 2:3 of the population (about 25 million) have some Italian roots, but only a million and a half speak Italian. (The rest speak Spanish with a suspicious accent. See coccoliche.) 
In Brazil, 15% of the population (about 31 million) have Italian roots, claiming that most understand the local dialect of Italian.
In USA - 16 million, 6% of population, very many people still have some knowledge of the language.

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