In what folk tale does the wise maiden meet?

Answer from: Leo S.:
Åh hvor er du bror?...

Wise maidens under different names, but approximately the same in character (faithful, caring, resolute, intelligent, strong, often able to transform into someone and possess magic) and their role in the story (supporting and sometimes saving the main character) - Vasilisa the Wise, Elena the Wise, Marya Ikusnitsa, Marya Morevna - are found in many folk tales. For example: "Marya-Morevna the Beautiful Queen", "Marya the Enchantress", "Elena the Queen and Ivan the Tsarevich", "Elena the Beautiful", "Vasily the Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful", "Elena the Wise", "Prophetic Dream", "Vasilisa the Wise and the Sea King", "The Frog Princess".

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