In which course do interpreters start to learn a second language.For example) and whether it should be given as much attention as a major language?Do they need it?

Answer from: Nikita M.:
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Somewhere in my first year, somewhere in my second. It is necessary to pay attention at least in order to close the subjects related to this language, and there are enough of them in the program for the specialty of translator. At most, you should try to bring its level closer to the main language. For this, classes at the university may not be enough, you need either courses or self-education. A second language is necessary if you are going to work as an interpreter and use that language. It pays well now for rare language pairings and extra knowledge, such as in technical. The same English the employer is no longer a surprise, but even if your first language is not English, and something more rare, the knowledge of two foreign languages is a big plus in karma.

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