Is it necessary to prime the wallpaper for painting? Primer which company-manufacturer is better to use? What type of paint is better to use?

Answer from: Natalia:
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Definitely need to prime the walls before wallpapering, especially for painting. Primer will fill the pores and microcracks on the wall, clamp the remnants of construction dust, if there is any. So the wallpaper will stick to the wall, without coming off, especially important for the corners and joints.
But about priming the wallpaper itself - there are different opinions. Some believe that it is better to do so, as a primer will align the surface, and at the expense of the consumption of paint will be less. Others say that by no means, as it can severely soak the wallpaper. But if you do, it is recommended to take acrylic or latex primers. Knauf has good primers.
As for wallpaper paints, our painter advised Tikkurila. They add the color of your choice into the paint, knead it and it's ready for use.

Answer from: Anastasia Fedorova:
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If you have chosen wallpaper for painting, it is better to use primer. Over the primed wallpaper the paint will lay more evenly and will not stain. In addition, the primer creates a base coat, and you spend less paint. You can get great primers from Ceresit and good paints from Dulux.

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