Is it possible and necessary to build new comfortable cities and tear down the old ones as outdated by all standards?

Answer from: Andrew A. Ghorev:
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Theoretically it's probably possible, but it would be very expensive, complicated and pointless. The point is that construction is not instantaneous and by the time you complete your "new" city, it will be outdated and, according to your concept, it will have to be torn down and even built more modern. And so on in a circle. But it's no different from today's situation, where the city stays in the same place, but the obsolete buildings are gradually torn down and new ones are built in their place. It saves a lot of money on new infrastructure, and residents don't live in a state of permanent relocation or waiting to move. It is psychologically important for people to feel the permanence of their dwelling, unless they are nomads of course.

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