Is it possible that one key can fit two doors of different apartments?

Answer from: Sergey Tsvetkov:
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Yes, it can, especially if the lock "old-style". In addition, sometimes it may be enough that the keys are very similar.
The newer and more complex the lock, the smaller the chance of a match (but it still exists).

Answer from: Angelina1 Fomina:
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In general every lock manufacturer should be certified and have a certain number of unique locks and keys to them accordingly.
It all depends on quality and solidity of the producer, producers of high class locks have millions of unique mechanisms and keys to them so that each lock is opened with unique key and consequently is hardly susceptible to picking keys.
On the contrary, some super-budget lock manufacturer has at the disposal 50, 100 or 200 unique combinations and that is a danger that you can pick a spanner to your door...

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