Is it possible to be a psychologist for oneself, to cope with life's troubles, etc. by one's own methods?. by our own methods?

Answer from: Maxim Molodtsov:
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To a certain extent it is possible, it depends on the degree of your awareness, stress resistance, resilience. And from the life twists and turns that you get into.
Most of us find it hard to stand back and look at our own life situation from the outside. And each of us needs warmth and care, acceptance, being listened to and understood. And for this, we need someone else. This may be a close friend, partner, relative.
But if you need an objective view of the situation, you are confused and do not know what to do, and certain experiences are interfering with your life, then you can't do without a psychologist.
Many people lack the skills to get out of difficult life situations, they are hindered by their own feelings. By developing emotional intelligence, acquiring the ability to cope with difficulties independently, support oneself and accept (and these skills are often acquired when working with a psychologist), a person may well be his or her own psychologist.

Answer from: qntan:
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In most cases it happens so, everyone sooner or later becomes a psychologist for himself, gaining some life experience. Come and study with us!

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