Is it possible to die if you hold your nose while sneezing?

Answer from: Sashka the Bug:
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I will try to guess that no... First of all, sneezing is not only through the nose, but also through the mouth... Sneeze speed, about 4-5 m:s, with a small volume of air, you can sneeze even without letting the air out of you, with a large volume, most likely you will not be able to contain the air in your lips. If you, however, somehow manage to plug both the nose and mouth tightly, then most likely your cheeks and soft tissues of the mouth and throat will inflate a lot, in the worst case these tissues can burst and in the absence of timely medical care can die from hemorrhage...

Answer from: Elena N.:
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I always plug my nose when I sneeze so as not to annoy people around me with unnecessary sounds. Have not noticed anything supernatural. Not even a hint of tissue rupture or any other complications.

Answer from: Vladislav Noskov:
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I can say one thing, it is harmful, as the pressure goes to the head and burst capillaries in the eyes, myself so sneezed and lived and did not notice anything) just the doctor saw once and explained just need to cover the mouth)

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