Is it possible to get rid of all your bad habits, disgusting character traits, negative thoughts forever?

Answer from: Yaroslav Bely:
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More likely yes than no.
But the effort will hardly be worth it, and this kind of self-development will result in bad side habits and negative character traits. And from negatively colored thoughts will not work, such is human nature.
I would recommend you first to find out which habits and personality traits are really bad, interfere with your life as well as the life of other people around you. So, for example, do not take egoism out of your life completely - you will be tortured.
tl;dr You can, but you shouldn't maniacally strive to become a saint.

Answer from: Nesmeshnoy:
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From habits, of course, you can. It is known to all. From the disgusting traits can also be got rid of, but much harder (introspection + limiting their actions, sometimes even thoughts). Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are a completely different story. You have to change your mindset, and that's an extremely difficult thing to do. But it's also possible. I hope I have answered your question.

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