Is it possible to go crazy with fear?

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The answer to this question depends on what we would call insanity. Actually, insanity is a complex reversible mental disorder, and, as a rule, we understand it as a state close to the loss of adequacy and even competence. To this degree, it is difficult to be afraid. There are phobias, which are in fact temporary madness (at moments of panic we actually "lose mind", we stop controlling ourselves), but the root cause of this illness, as a rule, is not fear, but neglected internal conflicts and problems. The closest thing to insanity caused by fears are manias and compulsions. For example, persecution mania or fear of death. These are diseases based on fright, which, due to a number of psychological reasons and external circumstances, has gained strength and transformed into such a problem. By the way, American psychiatrists once calculated and found that the most common reason to go insane is the fear of going insane.

Answer from: Anastasia P.:
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Oh, yes you can! Temporarily, of course... I lie awake for hours after a good scary movie, I'm afraid to move a leg. It's not normal :)

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Let's remember the wild animals. Throughout their existence, they are haunted by negative and life-threatening factors. Fear they certainly have, it's not just a human privilege. The same police horses in Germany. Horses are naturally very skittish creatures. Now imagine the horse's reaction: a crowd making horrible screams, smoke bombs, physical contact. As far as I know, no one has ever died of fear. Just some modern human beings are too (pardon the expression) "♪ haven't seen enough ♪". The brain's reaction to what happened is pretty standard, but they start "winding up" and feeling sorry for yourself.

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